Four Must-Have Appliances in the Kitchen

cooking in the kitchen

The whole process of preparing foods and drinks in the kitchen is sacred to your wellbeing. But without the right appliances, you will be most likely to avoid cooking your own meals. And considering today’s abundant sources of recipes and cooking how-tos, it will be your loss if you don’t utilize the maximum potential of your kitchen. 

But where to start? So many appliances are on the market these days. And it is totally understandable if you are afraid of wasting your money on gimmick cookware. And that is why we are having this discussion precisely! 

Here are four essential appliances to have in the kitchen:

A Toaster Oven

toasted breadFor a hectic morning, a bread toaster will surely provide you with a big help in the kitchen. You can get your bread toasted just in a matter of seconds. But when you have more time, your oven holds the major role in the kitchen to cook pizza, broil meat, roast a whole chicken or pan of vegetables, bake cookies, and reheat food. The only problem here is that not everyone has the luxury of space in their kitchen. Having two separate appliances is a waste of space, indeed. Therefore, why don’t you get both a toaster and an oven in one machine?

A Food Processor

A food processor is different from the traditional blenders in several ways. First, most food processors can do kitchen tasks like mincing meats, chopping herbs, dicing onions, and slicing veggies, which can’t be done with blenders. That is simply because food processors have much bigger and wider blades for the action. A blender’s blade can only reach the bottom part of whatever mixture you put in. If you want all the content to be processed, you will have to add water to it. 

A Coffee Maker

You will be surprised by how much money you can save on coffee if you brew it by yourself at home. Besides, what can be more courteous to your guests than serving them cups of tasteful coffee? Therefore, having a coffee maker at home is a must. 

a coffee makerHowever, since there are faux-coffe makers on the market, you’d better be more careful when buying a coffee machine. Not all coffee machines are created equal. You’d better buy the one that is equipped with a built-in coffee bean grinder. Don’t take those which can only brew instant coffee paste or powder!

A Dry Fryer

fried chickenMany people believe that the function of dry fryers can be replaced with a convection oven. In practice, it doesn’t happen like that at all! The primary reason for this is that the air circulated in a dry fryer is much more intense and faster than the air in a convection oven. This results in cooking that resembles very closely to deep frying. If you like fried foods, you should definitely invest in a dry fryer.