Inflatable Hot Tubs: Solving the Cons

round hot tub

Relaxing in your own spa without having to spend a fortune, is indeed a blessing. Inflatable hot tubs are amazing creations that make living in our own homes relaxing and exciting. But with all its advantages, an inflatable hot tub also has its drawbacks.

Put on the Music

bath tubSetting up your inflatable hot tub can be very noisy. You will experience some more noise when you turn on the bubbles. This can be very irritating especially when you are setting your inflatable hot tub in an enclosed space inside your house.

While your main goal in setting up your inflatable hot tub is to relax, you can start your relaxation technique while setting up. Get on that earphone and play a soulful tune. You will not be hearing all those noises instead the music starts relaxing you while you haven’t plunged in yet into your inviting inflatable hot tub.

Additional Heater

During the cold days of winter, the water may cool down faster because the pump and the heater are not designed to simultaneously act at the same time. So you will not be enjoying the heater and the bubbles at the same time. You will definitely be shivering after your heater goes off after a few minutes during the coldest days in winter.

To enjoy both, building a separate propane water heater will do the trick.

Extra Care on the Filter

hot tubThe filter of inflatable hot tubs may last for only two weeks. Giving it extra care may stretch its useful life by cleaning it every after the use of your hot tub by way of a hose. Ideally, it should be located inside the pump unit. So if you should inspect an inflatable hot tub before buying, eliminate those brands with filters placed at the bottom. It will be very uncomfortable to remove and replace them.

Improvise for Seats and Headrests

Unlike in standard hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs do not have customized seats. It is indeed uncomfortable and may not help you have the most relaxing position. Improvise on cushions which your children will need also because of their shorter height.

If you are very tall, you will need headrests to support your head. Get some chairs with cushions on top and place them behind your back so you can rest your head once in a while.

Care Tips for All Users

Give tips to everyone who will use your inflatable hot tub to be always cautious because most brands have a very short warranty period. Most often, all brands do not have one year warranty. The longest warranty maybe six months with most brands having thirty days warranty only. If you cannot exert extra care, hope that damages will fall within the warranty period or you will spend for another one.