Top Types of Bedside Tables

bedside table

It is no doubt that bedside tables have come a long way. Back in the days, they were used as house chamber pots, but today they are considered useful bedroom accessories. Ideally, there are a lot of types of bedside tables that you can find in the market.

Bedside Cabinets

As the name suggests, bedside cabinets come with a cabinet to enable the user to store their items. Also, some models come with a drawer above that is above the table. Once you purchase this piece of furniture and store it in your room, it leaves enough room for storing other larger items at the bottom. Therefore, if you plan to purchase this type of a bedside table, ensure that you measure the available space and determine whether it will suit your room.

Bedside Chests


It is crucial to understand that bedside tables contain two to three drawers. They are also preferred by various people who need extra storage for multiple items such as watches and even underwear. They are also mainly considered by those who hate clutter and need to put everything within their home orderly. Therefore, when you want to purchase this piece of furniture, make sure that you research and know the features you need to consider checking on this bedside table.


Nightstands are different from the above-listed bedside tables. If you focus more on the style and look than the storage, this is the right type of bedside table that you need to purchase. Even if most kinds of nightstands will come with a component of storage, it is vital to understand that their main function is to offer a stand that you can use to put a bedside lamp or an alarm clock.

Circular Bedside Tables

If you are looking for a modern bedside table, one of the best models that you need to consider is the circular bedside table. In most cases, you can find them either in wood and metal. Also, they come in different colors, and you can pick the right one depending on your house’s interior colors. However, you need to understand that the design and shape are not too practical, but they will match with vintage pieces of furniture with a circular bedside table.…