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GlowBowl Toilet LED Light Review

toilet light

Recent studies have shown that abrupt bright lighting can make it difficult for you to sleep. At night, you can rush to your bathroom a few times, and you will need to switch on bathroom lighting. Ideally, your eyes will not have adequate time to adjust to sudden flash. Fortunately, GlowBowl is a new product that can direct you to the bathroom, even during total darkness. With this, you can avoid blinking lights when going to the bathroom late at night. It is a LED motion-activated unit that lights up your toilet automatically. Thus, you can get to the bathroom with ease without fail.

How it works

First, you should learn how to set it up correctly. Open the freshener and put it into GlowBowl. Hook it to the toilet bowl and select from the different LED colors. Also, you can set it to automatic color selection mode. That is all that is required to automatically light up the toilet bowl so that it releases fragrant aroma each time you come near.

Why GlowBowl

GlowBowl is made by a reputable manufacturer of different toilet lights. The manufacturer has been in the market for many years. The unit provides more than 13 LED colors that ensure you have a colorful glow even in the dark. Other than that, it has an in-built air freshener that offers you two-in-one action to ensure you have a comfortable bathroom at night. That is vital in keeping your toilet smelling great at all times.

Moreover, GlowBowl is meant for a wide range of toilet bowls. No matter the size, it is possible to install it in a matter of seconds. With this unit, you do not have to use a regular air freshener. The device turns your bathroom into the oasis that acts as a guide in lighting the way to the toilet. In this way, you can no longer have an inconvenient bathroom.

Top Features

Effective Motion-detecting System

As noted, you do not have to turn on lights when you want to use your toilet or bathroom. The light has an in-built motion detector that glows up the toilet when you get near.

Water Resistant Light

You should not worry about the light getting wet. The unit is water-resistant, and it is easily cleaned with regular cleaners.

Fragrant Smell

The unit has an in-built air freshener that is easily replaced. That offers you a long-lasting fragrance that you need for added odor protection.

Ideal for Kids

Do you know that most kids are afraid to visit the toilet at night because of darkness? Fortunately, with GlowBowl Fresh, going to the bathroom becomes quite amazing.…